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Welcome to our web site. At DataminingGuru we believe that the key to successful online marketing in found by researching current purchasing trends and  sorting  them into categories by demographics then identifying specific items that can be marketed successfully to customers that are ready to purchase.

During our research for DataminingGuru,  we found that most free Top Selling List…only give you information on items that sold for the most $$$, which are usually one of a kind items…not very helpful to the new online seller looking for items that they can sell day in and day out on Ebay or Amazon.

DataminingGuru will be providing specific free product selection information to online sellers to help them select successful items for sale…..continuously.  The specialist at dataminingGuru have over 15 years of online selling experience on eBay, Amazon and other Internet online and offline retailers. We also have been “Offline” brick and mortar retailers for over 12 years and have successfully used that experience to make the transition to Online retailing for our readers.


Our first site was Lovecitycycles.com.  Started over 7 years ago this vintage bike part seller has grown every year since by combining proven offline retailing techniques with successful online marketing strategies to create a full time profitable online business.


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